Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the dolls take to embroider?
Level 1: 4-5 hours
Level 2: 5-12 hours
Level 3: 15-30 hours

What's the difference between the levels
Level 1 kits feature a few basic stitches
Level 2 kits feature a wider range of stitches, including a few more advanced ones
Level 3 kits feature a range of stitches that cover most of the surface, so they take quite a bit longer than Level 1 or 2 kits.

What ages?
12+ for the Doll Kits
8+ for Hoop Art Kits. Adult supervision is recommended

If I've never embroidered before, can I do it?
Of course! You just need a bit of patience and an interest in learning the stitches. The kits are essentially embroidery samplers, so you learn stitches as you go. It doesn't need to be perfect, but you'll get lots of practice.

Do I need to start at Level 1?
I recommend adult beginners jump into a Level 2, since they have a wider range of stitches, so you get more out of it. Level 1s are good for younger people starting out.

Where are the kits made?
Everything is screen printed by hand and assembled in Toronto at Noble Crafthouse

What currency are the prices?

Where does the name Kiriki Press come from?
Kiriki comes from the Italian word for cock-a-doodle-doo (chicchirichí, pronounced ki-kirikí)